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What inspires us to do what we do? Well, many things I'm sure, but I'm inspired to do things that help others get the best out of life and, whether that's as simple as enjoying good quality entertainment or studying to become an Astronaut, well that's what I want to help you achieve, it's why I created Equal Ability Radio 
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"Whilst the songs on The Fatea Showcase Sessions come to you, the listener at no charge, they are not free. The writers/performers have put money, time and effort into creating the songs on this compilation for your enjoyment. We hope that you take the time to visit the websites of the artists included here and consider purchasing their music. Fatea hopes that this compilation gives you a taste for folk and roots orientated music and that you will seek out the works of the artists included in this compilation and in the wider music community."
Our good friend of the show, Saskia Griffiths-Moore Has this great new song out in support of Mentalwealth - have a listen it's - For You
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I recently featured some of the great late Vin Garbutt on my folk show.
If you have never heard of Vin, check out this short video scrapbook of a tour of Australia, Singapore etc with the compiler Stanley Graham. It may give you an urge to learn more about the unique voice and presence of
a bit of a legend - Vin Garbutt.
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