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What inspires us to do what we do? Well, many things I'm sure, but I'm inspired to do things that help others get the best out of life and, whether that's as simple as enjoying good quality entertainment or studying to become an Astronaut, well that's what I want to help you achieve, it's why I created Equal Ability Radio 
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Trevor Krueger Folk Show Parts 1 & 2
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Show 108 Part 1 21st November 2020
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Show 108 Part 2  21st November  2020
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Click on Gemma Mae Anderson's Image to purchase a copy of her latest album in support of Versus Arthritis

A debut album for contemporary singer/songwriter Gemma Mae Anderson. All profits from this album are going to Versus Arthritis, as Gemma Mae was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was 17 years old. A variety of musicians, including Candida Doyle (keyboard player from PULP) play a variety of musical genres from country, pop and rock. The heartfelt songs describe emotions ‘Life’ throws up at you.
Our good friend of the show, Saskia Griffiths-Moore Has this great new song out in support of Mentalwealth - have a listen it's - For You
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Did you get the answer right? - Glen Miller
Folk Show 106 Part 2 7th November 2020