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Sarah has been a writer for over 30 years, writing fiction, non-fiction, ghost writing and creating business blogs. Her show ‘Writer’s Block’, has been broadcasting over the airwaves for nearly 7 years over three radio stations (at times simultaneously). Guests are interviewed and literary news and views are shared. She discusses the process of creative writing, publishing and touches on all the professions in between and surrounding the creation of books including proofreading, cover artists, journalism etc. If you are a writer or belong to a reading group and are interested in being interviewed, do get in touch with her at
Sarah recently visited the
London Book Fair
and took the opportunity to interview authors, publishers and retailers... Check out some of the fascinating conversations she had - right here...
Sarah with Author - Clare Flynn
Sarah with Author - Jane Davis
Sarah with Publishing Expert - Orna Ross
Sarah with Retailer - Peter Snell

Sarah with Author - Valerie Mulcare-Tivey
Sarah with Author - Glynis Peters
Sarah's latest interview with Collette Lloyd
Writer's Magazine
Currently available on the Big Ear Loop
at 15th June 2019
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