Big Ear News
is seeking a new
News Editor/Presenter
Now available on our Ear-Peace page

Access to excellent advice on meditation techniques from Brahma Kumaris
What depths would YOU go to - 
to bring Big Ear
the News?

We're looking for volunteer news reporters to bring us the latest news from your area - wherever you are!
If it affects your community or the quality of life for
citizens dealing with any form of disability 
we want to know about it.

All you need is the desire to participate,
a mobile phone and some free time.


Then get in touch straight away.

The contact form is on the Contacts page...

Now that's good news!

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Want to get started in Radio News Journalism?
Required to Head News Dept
​Will you help support Big Ear Radio
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Our objective is to present equal ability broadcasts that both serve and employ people with disabilities, their families and carers.
We are dedicated to promoting family values
and care in the community.
Any profits beyond our running costs will be donated to good causes both in the UK and around the World
Please Note: Your donation to Big Ear Radio will appear as: The Krueger Initiative for the Performing Arts Ltd
A Donation Link is available on the Home Page
Trev gets to rub shoulders with some of the greats of Country Broadcasting and Song Writing 
at the Cadogan Hall in Chelsea, spreading the word about the work Big Ear is doing in Radio to promote equality through Presenters and production staff with disabilities. It was a great night and one to treasure forever.
Bob Harris 
Broadcasting Legend
Beth Neilson Chapman
Singer Songwriter
John Paul White
Singer Songwriter
Jamee Harris & Mary Gauthier
Singer Songwriters
Nell Bryden
Singer Songwriter
Hear Nell Bryden perform "Sirens"
Hear Faith Hill perform "This Kiss"
By Beth Neilson Chapman
British Blind Sport are looking for more Guide Runners
Check out the video and sign up,
it's highly rewarding and healthy for two!

Check out just a couple of examples of what you can achieve if you really want to - despite your physical or mental condition. 
Belief - Courage - Determination!
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Equal Ability Radio (Big Ear) is delighted to present it's first collaboration project to assist everyone with hearing loss or acute deafness, check out the BSL animation above.
Paula Frost is the latest Presenter to join the Equal Ability Radio Team and will be bringing her special take on Reggae and Roots music through "The Way Out Radio Show"

Yet another genre of music to delight the true enthusiast. Come and find her on the loop of via the link to SoundCloud on her page from Saturday 
26th September 2020
Click here to find your favourite current