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Paul Beashel - Equal Ability Radio Trustee

Paul has been a highly successful and enterprising businessman, currently leading 
Excellence First Enterprise Consultancy to its achievements over the past 15 years. 
This has been based on his excellent skills with people and project leadership and have resulted in dozens of excellent projects in educational and cultural activities.

Paul’s business successes have drawn on his expertise honed over many years as an experienced education leader and senior trainer. He was a successful teacher and Head Teacher in the UK and was until recently, Chair of a multi-academy Trust in south-east England.

Paul is a well-respected education author with numerous publications including curriculum materials for the British Council Shanghai Office for use in schools in China GCSE and A Level textbooks on Physical Education and sport and PMMG Nanjing to write a book on Vocational Education. ’Mind The Gap: Theory and Practice of British Vocational Education’. He was Chief Examiner for PE and is a Fellow of the Association for PE.
Andrew Thomson - Equal Ability Radio Trustee

Andrew is senior leader on technical education at Excellence First Enterprise Consultancy and leads the development of products and services in this area. He specialises in innovation, motivation and creating success in organisations. 
He works on large-scale change management projects in the business and further education sphere.

Following a successful career as a college principal in a variety of settings, he led the Learning Skills and Development Agency (LDSA) from 2004 as CEO before becoming the Chief Executive of the Quality Improvement Agency for Lifelong Learning, the successor to the LDSA, in 2006.

He has a first-class honours BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MA in Management, is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, a Trustee of the Fortune Centre for Riding Therapy, Further Education advisor to the STEM Foundation and chair of the OCR Qualifications Committee.
Trevor C. Krueger- Equal Ability Radio Founder & C.E.O.

Trevor describes himself purely as an ideas man. A writer, broadcaster, businessman and program maker with a natural instinct for innovation and getting things done.

He has a passion for people and the planet and is a dedicated believer in the ability of everyone to achieve much more than they expect of themselves

He was inspired to establish Equal Ability Radio while broadcasting on a community station where the best show was presented by a young autistic man, who was also completely blind.

It is his absolute belief that Equal Ability Radio will become a major influencer and ambassador for Equality for the disabled and disadvantaged, right around the World.

His commitment to raising funds to support both individual and social support initiatives is absolute. 

The aim is to provide an excellent broadcast station that entertains, educates and informs on all levels, promoting a wider awareness and desire for social equality in every nation.

"The money we raise from broadcasting will be used to provide as many as we can with as much as we can, from wheelchairs to medical support, housing to clean fresh water.

The demand will be endless - but so is his commitment.
Amelia Krueger - Equal Ability Radio Trustee

Amelia has been married to Trevor for over 25 years. Together they have two sons and an extended family from Trevor's first marriage.

Born and educated in Malaysia, she has a Business Management Degree and speaks three languages.

She and Trevor have a family retail craft business which they have operated since they got married.

An excellent seamstress and business manager who will be overseeing the day to day accounts on behalf of the Trustees.

A very private and meticulous person, she is ideally suited to cross every T and dot every I.