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I have a condition called Spinal Muscle Atrophy Type 4. I was diagnosed in my mid 20's. I'm very weak and have no upper body strength and find walking almost impossible. And therefore need to use an electric wheelchair. 

I started D.J.'ing at the age of 18. I'm now 57.

 About 25 years ago I got involved with several country music clubs in my area. Over the years I have worked as a compere with most British country music artists. 

As I'm slowly getting weaker. I'm finding it harder to go out to the clubs. 

One day I was approached by a radio station manager and I started playing my favourite country music on that station. I enjoyed it so much as it gives me a great deal of confidence as it seems to be the only thing I feel I have control of. 

My country music has been my passion for half of my life and I love playing it. If I can bring some happiness through the music to others that's great.. 80's music was my era too as I started D.J.'ing around that time...

I really hope you enjoy my show and get in touch...

​Kerry Watts Country 
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First Aired 13th July 2019

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