Go and Get Grandma!
Hi I'm Owen,

I'm the youngest of the Big Ear Presenters and, what's more, I always will be... because, unlike them - I'll never grow any older.


Oh, because I'm pretty special, you see I'm not a real boy, I'm a real child of the Computer Generation! You could say I was born in the studio - literally!

It's my great pleasure to present "Go and Get Grandma", a show dedicated to how radio used to be for kids in the old days.

So, come and join me and I'll be pleased to share some of the best silly songs ever recorded!

In show 7 the last track is by the wonderful Laurel & Hardy, "Trail of the Lonesome Pine". If you don't know these old films, now's your chance to see two of the most popular comedy actors of all time.
‚ÄčAbout Owen

Essentially, Owen is a bit of fun, and he helps fill the generation gap for us "older" Presenters. He is a cheeky, straight talking wise (for his years) 12 year old boy, who is keen to explore the World as it was before he was created...

But he has a much more serious purpose...

Owen's real task is to demonstrate how we at Equal Ability Radio are really trying to ensure everyone can be included in our broadcasts, even those who may not have the power of natural speech...

For them, we can take their thoughts and ideas and turn them into audible recordings to share in our broadcasts... pretty neat huh?
Trevor C. Krueger
Founder of Equal Ability Radio
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From Show 6: Stan Freburg's Banana Boat Song
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