Andrea Carrani
Presenter of:
Peace in our time...
Join me on a journey to find and explore your inner peace
through meditation...
Andrea Carrani
Andrea’s life is to serve humanity in its simplest way, sharing his experience in public programs and workshops, as well as giving one-to-one soul guidance readings, helping people to realise their Divine nature to find inner peace.

His work is to empower each soul he meets. After almost 30 years of deep meditation under the guidance of so many Spiritual Masters and Teachers from both the West and the East, he has integrated all these teachings, developing a powerful method to help people find peace and greater fulfillment in life.

His teachings are simple and easy to understand, for both beginners and more experienced seekers.
Your mind is the portal to peace - let me guide you through it...
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Warning: Please note that meditation is only to be practiced in a safe quiet environment. Never listen to my recordings while Driving or Operating Machinery.
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​Light - No 1
​Self Loving - No 2
​First Meditation - No 3
Meditations 1 & 2 feature the wonderful music of Anthony Cubbon from the Isle of Man, we are very grateful to Anthony for supporting our work with meditation. Check out his videos on YouTube via the button below:
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