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A New Radio Station
Focused on Disability

Invites you to Sponsor and Support this Initiative to encourage community integration through quality broadcasting aimed at and presented by people with a wide range of disabilities

To find out how you can help contact:

Founder: Trevor Krueger
Tel: 07977 026533

“What will probably surprise listeners the most... 
Is that we sound just like a regular Radio Station...”

Equal Ability Radio has two main objectives;

1.To provide a service that is entirely relevant and supportive to listeners, families and carers living with disability.

2.To impress upon able bodied listeners that a Radio Station staffed mainly by disabled Presenters is as good to listen to as any other.

Our mission is to encourage better social integration and remove the misconception that “disabled” has to mean “less capable” of fulfilling any task or challenge.

However, our broadcasts will integrate content of greater relevance to our listeners. Filling a gap often left by regular conventional broadcasters.

"Equal Ability Radio" will play a major role in promoting inclusion and better integration, what could be more important than that?”

And we want to hear from you if you'd like to volunteer to join our team? We need more presenters, program makers, administrators and fund raisers...
The team to set the ball rolling

Presenter of:
The Folk Show
​New Moon Rising

Presenter of:
Writers Block

​Dimitri K

Presenter of:
The Lite Lounge


Presenter of:
New Choons
Soul Show

John Clarke Cert Ed 
Kent MusicTutor
Director of Music
MA Scriptwriting
BA English Literature
Drama Editor
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British Blind Sport are appealing for Guide Runners - Check out the video on our NEWS page

Presenter of:
The Sound Lab

Dr. Honey Kalaria
(coming soon)
Presenter of
The Best of Bollywood
Visit our new page
"Ear Peace"
An introduction to 
relaxing meditation
Visit our new page
"British Sign Language"
An introduction to 
communicating in a whole new way!
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So, what's Big Ear Radio all about?

Trevor Krueger explains where we are and where we are heading...
Trevor Krueger
Founder of
Big Ear Radio


Presenter of:
Peace in Our Time